Kinemaster for PC, Windows 10:- Video editors for PC are quite complex and tough to use and it is quite hard to get a hold of their user interface but what if we tell you that you can use the best Video editor of android devices on your PC for Free, Then Yes! you’ve come to the right place as today we will be learning about Kinemaster which is the finest Video editing tool/app that is there on the google playstore and also how one can install it and run it on their Windows 10 PC.

Kinemaster for PC

What basically is Kinemaster for PC (Windows 10)?

Kinemaster basically is a fine tuned video editing application that is available on the google playstore, it comes to the users Free of cost and its ambient user interface allows users to edit high quality Videos up to 4K Resolution for Free and also with the help of Some emulators we will learn how to download and install it on our PC.

Why do we actually need Kinemaster for PC?

Kinemaster for PC is basically needed quite essentially because most PC Video editing apps are either Paid or the ones which are free to use are quite complex and hard to understand and where as the Kinemaster for PC is quite easy to use and has a very user friendly interface and thus it makes for the perfect Video editing app and with the release of Emulators such as Bluestacks and MEmuplayer we can easily run this amazing video editing app on our PC (windows 10) for Free of cost.

Now lets take a look on its Features:-

Features of the Kinemaster for PC:-

Features of the Kinemaster
Features of the Kinemaster
  • Edit videos of your style and even edit them up to 4K video resolution.
  • Share your videos via various social sites with your friends and family.
  • Blend your videos and add various beautiful effects to them.
  • Change and apply various different colors to your videos.
  • Add different filters so that your Video stands out.
  • Add a voice-over or background music to your video.
  • Check in for various amazing stickers.
  • There is an amazing Asset store where you can find all of these.
  • You can also crop, trim or slice your video according to your preferencecs.
  • A free to use Easy and simple application with bunch loads of features.
  • A simple user friendly interface that is highly favored by users all across the globe.

Steps to Download the Kinemaster for PC (windows 10):-

Downloading Kinemaster for PC Via Bluestacks Emulator:-

  • So start off, open your Web Browser of your choice, Most likely either Google Chrome or even Mozilla Firefox.
  • Now on the Search bar type for and hit the enter button gently.
  • Now download the latest version of Bluestacks for your Windows 10 PC and let it download.
  • After download is complete Run the app and install it on your PC.
  • Once that is done you will be able to use Bluestacks,
  • Now open the home page of Bluestacks and then open the google playstore (on the top hand right side of the page) in the android emulator.
  • Now sign in to your Google account by logging in with your credentials (this is required to use the playstore).
Download the Kinemaster for PC
Kinemaster for PC
  • Once that is done open the playstore search bar and type for Kinemaster.
  • The first app that is shown on the Search is the official app so click on install button for that.
  • Once you click it the Kinemaster will get installed.
  • That’s it now run the app, upload files from your PC and enjoy the amazing Kinemaster on your PC for Free of cost.

Downloading the Kinemaster for PC Via MEmuplayer Emulator:-

  • For the second method we will download the MEmuplayer, for that again open the browser (Google chrome most likely).
  • Now search for and press the enter button
  • Now download the updated version of MEmuplayer on your device ( it is free of cost).
  • Let it install it is about 400 mb in space.
  • Once the app is downloaded and installed you may open it.
  • Now you will see an android phone like interface and now look for the google playstore on it.
  • Open the google playstore via logging in to your Google mail account.
  • Once that is done search for Kinemaster on the search panel
  • Now install the official Kinemaster app and let it install.
  • Run the Kinemaster app and enjoy all of its benefits for Free.


Kinemaster is a dope Video editing app that is an editor’s choice video editing app on the Playstore which excitingly is free to use and comes with loads of amazing features and a lot much more and this app is available to your Windows 10 PC for Free as well, with the help of fellow PC emulators that are available in the market and this app surely comes out strong when it comes to high quality editing.

Minecraft for windows 10:- Minecraft is an Epic game that is also known as a sandbox video game Which is developed by the very popular Mojang Studios. And the game was Created in the Java script language and was released during the year of 2009 and then it was officially released on November 2011, This game is fun to play and its Genres include Sandbox, Adventure, Open world and Survival game which makes it a must have game because surely this game is quite fun to play.

Minecraft for windows 10

The game is available on The Google playstore for about 480 Indian rupees and where as on the official website for PC this game is available for 3000 rupees that means that the mobile version is way cheaper and much more easier to buy in comparison to any other version.

Why get the Android version of Minecraft for windows 10?

There are multiple reasons for getting the mobile versions of Minecraft on your Windows 10 PC because mainly it is very cheap as literally it is about 7 times more expensive for the PC version than it is for the mobile version and the mobile version of this game has frequent updates and various other amazing features that sure as hell do surpass the PC version.

And How do we Get the Android version of Minecraft for windows 10?

Getting the Android version of minecraft is pretty simple on your PC as you will need to have a PC emulator and follow the steps that we will tell you by the end and also have the basic system requirements necessary for this game:-

Basic System requirements for Minecraft for windows 10:-

Cpu Coreintel i3 or latest.
Ram required4 GB or more
GPu needed intel hd 4000 or latest
Open GL4.4 minimum
Operating Systemwindows 10
Free space10 Gb minimum Free space

Features of the amazing Minecraft for windows 10:-

Features of the Minecraft
Features of the amazing Minecraft
  • A multiplayer game:- This game is a multiplayer game that means that you can also play it with your various friends and all of you guys can enjoy its features and the open world.
  • An open world to enjoy your game:- This game has a open world that is unlimited world where you can go through the map, build the necessary things for survival and then enjoy your life as you get immersed in the experience of this open world.
  • Survive yourself to be the best:- There are various fiends, skeletons and other enemies that might come to distract you especially at night thus you have to survive yourself as the last person standing and also built a house and hut to sleep in.
  • Dedicated servers:- The game has amazing dedicated servers for people so that one can enjoy multiplayer gaming without any jitters or loss.
  • Inexpensive:- The game for Android version that we will be downloading on PC is quite cheap and it just costs around 7 US dollars or around 480 Indian rupees to download.
  • A very amazing user interface:- The game has a quite ambient user interface which is easy to understand and simple for children as well as adults to get used to.
  • Cheeky and cute graphics:- this game has graphics that look similar to Roblox game and thus they are cute and pixel-ated and thus they look quite cute.
  • Easy to play game:- this game is easy to understand for children as well as older people to understand and play.
  • And a lot lot much more:- And that is just the insight of the features of Minecraft and there are lot of other features as well that you can know about once you install the Minecraft for windows 10.

Steps to Download the Minecraft for windows 10:-

Downloading Minecraft for windows 10 via Bluestacks emulator:-

  • For downloading the bluestacks via a PC emulator such as bluestacks, firstly go to the official website of bluestacks and download the bluestacks app.
  • And now as you download the bluestacks app, from
  • Run the app and open the google playstore on it.
Download the Minecraft for windows 10
Download the Minecraft
  • Now you will be asked to log in from your google mail account so do so.
  • And now on the Playstore search bar, type in for Minecraft and press the enter button.
  • Now you will be redirected to a list of minecraft and related games.
  • The top one is the official one so purchase it via your card or google play wallet and then download it.
  • And after the game is installed you will be able to play it and enjoy its open world.

Downloading Minecraft for windows 10 Via Noxplayer:-

  • Download the Noxplayer app by going to
  • After that run the emulator.
  • Now open the google playstore.
  • Sign in from your google account.
  • Type in minecraft on the playstore.
  • Purchase the app from the playstore by either google play wallet or your card.
  • After purchase you can install and play the game.
  • And that is it after the game is installed, you can enjoy the features of Minecraft.

Guns in Garena Free Fire:- Weapons are the heart and soul of the Garena Free fire game and thus today we will be talking about some of the Best Guns in Garena Free Fire that as a new player you can use to improve your gameplay and know about the statistics of these guns and they are as following :-

Guns in Garena Free Fire

Best Guns in Garena Free Fire:-

1. AK 47 :-

AK 47 also known as the one tap gun is a very popular and high damage piercing gun, this gun is highly preferred by professional players as is requires a little practice to understand the mechanics and recoil of this gun but with consistent one can surely be perfect with this gun as it is among the top of the Best Guns in Garena Free Fire.

AK 47
AK 47

Lets talk about the statistics of ak 47:-

Magazine:- 20

Rate of fire:- 83

Damage:- 43

Reload speed:-48

Accuracy:- 17

It surely is an amazing gun for all types of players as all one needs is good practice and trying to practice one tap.

What is one tap?

One tap means killing the opponent with just 1 bullet and that can easily happen if you hit an enemy with one bullet of AK 47 on thier head, it might be tough but you can easily master it with time and hard work and our guide of Best Guns in Garena Free Fire.

2. Scar:-

Scar is also another amazing gun, this gun is a lot easier to play with than AK 47 as it has a more stable recoil and similar damage type thus it makes this gun a faster and efficient version of AK but the damage remains a little less, This gun is very good for beginners as well as professional players and there are also various types of skins that are available for Scar that make the gun look more amazing and alluring.


Statistics of Scar :-

  • Magazine:-30
  • damage type:-53
  • Rate of fire:-61
  • Reload:-41
  • Accuracy:-42


This gun is a shotgun which is more effective from small range and deals really high damage that you can probaly kill an enemy with one bullet on the head or just two on the chest, if you love rushing to enemy and killing them on their face then Among the Best Guns in Garena Free Fire this is the finest one for you as it is easy to use in short range and deals a handsome amount of damage to the enemy.


Statistics of M1014:-

  • Magazine:-6
  • damage type:-94
  • Rate of fire:-40
  • Reload:-20
  • Accuracy:-10


AWM is also known as the heavy sniper rifle in this game, You just need one bullet on the upper body or head to kill an enemy with this gun and it has an amazing zooming scope and very high penetrative damage and it is the finest gun for you from our list of Best guns in free fire if you are looking for a gun to forfeit enemies from a very long range and this is the perfect weapon for you in terms to do so.


Statistics on AWM:-

  • Magazine:-6
  • damage:-90
  • Rate of fire:-27
  • Reload:-34
  • Accuracy:-90


This is an amazing and easy to use gun from our list of Best guns in free fire as M60 is a beast with very high output damage and you can spray very well with this gun and even penetrate walls as this gun has a high rate of fire and quite low recoil thus it makes a perfect gun for beginners and intermediate players.


Statistics of M60:-

  • Magazine:-60
  • damage :-56
  • Rate of fire:-56
  • Reload:-48
  • Accuracy:-43


At number 6th on our list is FAMAS and it is one of the finest Guns in free fire because it is a very easy to find assault rifle with good range, good damage and great spray as well as burst fire mode to output 3 bullets in one click. Thus making it a great weapon and this weapon also supports loads of amazing Scopes, Magazine extender clips and amenities and thus an easy to use weapon.


Statistics of FAMAS:-

  • Magazine:-30
  • damage type:- 53
  • Rate of fire:-48
  • Reload:-67
  • Accuracy:-54


The most old school and finest gun from its roots in CS 1.6 this gun is surely an epic gun that is mostly used by US seals and this gun is quite easily available on various locations and hands down this is the best gun that a person can find out of the Guns in Free fire and this gun has a high reload speed, great recoil and amazing rate of fire with great damage thus making it the perfect weapon for an assault rifle carrier.


Statistics of M4A1:-

  • Magazine:-30
  • damage type:-53
  • Rate of fire:-56
  • Reload:-48
  • Accuracy:-54

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According to your own preference you may choose one or a set of weapons that you feel comfortable with and what playstyle you choose also depends upon your Weapon and thus we hope our list could give you an insight on what type of a weapon carrier you want to be.

Rules of Survival For PC:- The Rules of Survival is an epic battle Royale game just like Pub-g and Fortnite but there is an amazing twist with this game that allows users to battle with 300 people in one map that is about 8 Sq km big, and this game is quite amazing to be honest as there multiple terrains and modes to play, you can play in a normal 120 player mode or the 300 mode and you can enter in as a solo player, duo party or even a squad of 4 people or a party stack of 5 people.

Rules of Survival For PC
Rules of Survival

Why shall one play the Rules of Survival For PC?

The game of Rules of Survival is easily available on android and there are various reasons that make it certain that one shall be playing the Rules of Survival for PC and they are:-

  • Bigger Screen on PC:- While playing on a mobile phone you won’t be able to get the depth analysis of the game where as while playing it on PC in a bigger screen most likely more than 15 inches a person can easily notify small things and thus the game itself feels more appealing and the gameplay also improves.
  • Better Processor on PC:- PC’s are mostly stronger than Mobile phones and that means that the game would run more smoothly and without any lag on PC.
  • Easily run on an optimized Emulator:- While using the emulators and running this game on PC you will be able to attain High frames per second (As high as your PC supports) with a minimum of being 60 frames per second.
  • Great sound effects on Big PC speakers:- While using speakers you can connect to speakers and have great audio control of your game.
  • Add customized controls according to your wish:- You can edit your controls as per your choice with custom keyboard and mouse controls.
  • Connect with friends on Discord:- You can connect with your friends on discord and then enjoy communication while playing squad games.
  • Multi task while playing the game:- You can multi task while playing this game as you can open browsers, another games and use multi tasking to a high extent.

Features of the Rules of Survival For PC:-

Features of the Rules of Survival
Features of the Rules of Survival
  • 300 player mode and 8X8 KM Sq maps to play.
  • Normal 120 players map of 4X4 Sq Km.
  • Play as a Solo, duo or squad or even party of 5.
  • Drive various vehicles across the game and map.
  • Be the last man standing to win.
  • Enjoy dedicated servers for lag free gaming.
  • Frequent updates to attain new patches.
  • Ambient and simple user interface.
  • A free to play Battle Royale.
  • And a lot more.

System requirements to download the Rules of Survival For PC:-

download the Rules of Survival
  • Operating system needed:- Windows 7 or newer.
  • processor required:- intel i3 or newer.
  • Memory:- 4 GB or more.
  • Graphics card:- intel HD 4600 or latest.
  • DirectX version:- 9.0 or latest.
  • Storage required:- 2GB or more.

Steps to Download the Rules of Survival For PC:-

Downloading Rules of Survival For PC via Bluestacks emulator:-

  • Open your browser and search for bluestacks emulator or just go to
  • Download the version of bluestacks that is compatible with your device. either Windows or Mac.
  • Then download the app and let it install on your PC.
  • Waiver basic information and permissions to the app.
Downloading Rules of Survival For PC
Download the Rules of Survival
  • As you open the app you will see an android like user interface
  • Now open the app and run the google playstore from the top right corner.
  • Now sign-in with your google account to run the Google playstore.
  • As you log in open the search bar and type for Rules of survival.
  • Download this game and let it install.
  • As per the internet speed, the installation might take some time.
  • After the game is installed you can run it and enjoy all of its amazing features for Free.

Downloading Rules of Survival For PC via MEmuplayer Emulator:-

  • Open your browser, be it google chrome, Mozilla or even internet explorer
  • Go to and install the MEmuplayer emulator that is reliable with your PC, prefer the latest and updated version.
  • install the emulator and run it.
  • Now Sign in via your Google account to access the google playstore of the MEmuplayer.
  • Now after logging in to your google account open the playstore and search for rules of survival.
  • The first result is the official app so install it.
  • Let it install and run it.
  • that is it, now you can enjoy playing the best battle royale for Free and enjoy the game on your PC 🙂


Rules of Survival For PC is a great choice if you are looking for a Free to play battle royale game on your PC as this game has loads of amazing Features and has a 300 player feature for more action and more fun in live multiplayer map where 300 people battle in a 8 sq km map.

Free Fire for Android:- Free fire is one of the most famous and admirable battle royale games that is out there in the market and it is filled with adventure, and being multiplayer, Playing this game you can meet many people, make new friends and enjoy its 8×8 square Km world and match with people in a big 300 person match. This game is designed and built by Garena Game development company which is also known for designing valorant and this game surely sets a bar for the most amazing battle royale game there is After Pub-g mobile.

Free Fire for Android
Free Fire for Android

And Free fire for android is so famous that people these days even download and play these games on their PC’s with various emulators and what not and this game surely stands out at all platforms and today we are going to talk about Free fire on android.

Why you should get Free Fire for Android?

Free Fire for Android
Free Fire for Android

Firstly the main reason that you shall download and get Free fire on android is if you have an android Phone or device this is the perfect game for you as it is Free to play, Lets you connect with friends, has loads of amazing features and also allows you to communicate with the world.

And that is just the insight of the Free fire game and there is a lot more to it.

Steps to Download the Free fire for android game on your Device:-

To download the Free Fire for Android follow the following steps down below:-

  • To start off, Open the Google playstore in your android device be it tablet or Phone.
  • Make sure you have the basic system requirements for the game.
  • Now on the search bar of the Google playstore type in Garena Free fire and click on the enter button with your finger.
  • Now let the page load and you will see loads of game pop up.
  • Now select the top most game and it is the official game of Free fire which is Selected as an editors choice game.
Download the Free fire
Download the Free fire
  • Now click on the install button with your finger and let the game install on your device.
  • Once the game is installed you can run it, and it will have to download some maps and essential needed stuff.
  • Once that is done the game will run smoothly and efficiently on your device and you can enjoy Free fire for Android for Free.

System Requirements that are needed to Install the Free Fire for Android:-

  • Needed and required Android version:- Any android above 4.1
  • Ram Size preferred:- 4 GB.
  • Storage Space:- 2 Gb of Free space.
  • Graphics processor:- 6th Gen Snapdragon at least.

Features of the amazing free fire Game:-

Features of the free fire Game
Features free fire Game
  • A game that is Free to play:- This game is Free to play on all platforms and this game surely does stand out as being free to play it offers loads of surprising features.
  • Game with 300 people server:- The game is quite amazing as there are servers which can easily with hold 300 people in each game and you can enjoy a fast game with many people in it.
  • Custom maps:- There are many maps such as a 4×4 or 8×8 Square kilometre maps that you can choose to play in while you queue for a game.
  • Custom game and practice modes:- there are multiple game modes that one can play in and you can even create your own server and play some practice games in a lobby or even practice with your friends by sharing them the lobby code so that they can join you in your private game.
  • Play as a squad or team of 5:- You can play here in this game with your friends and also make a lot of friends here as you can play with squad and party of 5 and have great team work along with fun.
  • Runs smoothly with decent requirements as well:- The game runs quite smoothly with decent requirements as well, as you do not necessarily need a 1000 dollar phone to play this game.
  • A simple and easy to understand user interface:- The game has a easy to understand user interface that is a very good note as children can also play the game.
  • Fast and quick paced games:- the games merely take 15 minutes to complete thus you can have a quick paced action game while playing Free Fire for Android.
  • Ambient colors and graphics:- The free fire for android has amazing aesthetic colors that shine out well while one plays the game.
  • great recoils of guns:- The game has good guns and their recoils are much similar to Counter strike and other shooting games.
  • Amazing and aesthetic sound effects:- the sound effects are quite vibrant and much clear as you can easily note the footsteps and sounds as they are very clear and stable while you play this game.

Free Fire for iOS:- Free Fire is a very fun to play game with realistic Graphics and amazing sound effects it is one of the most alluring and ecstatic Battle royale games ever made and the game has been developed by netease games and published by the amazing Garena International corp in the market and this game has been an everlasting hit since then and today we will be talking about it in Apple devices and how it runs there.

Free Fire for iOS
Free Fire for iOS

Why do you need Free Fire for iOS?

Ios devices such as Apple Iphone and Ipads are quite Optimized devices and well stable device management features and most of the apps on the app store are paid and thus this game is a free to play one, and a must have on your device if it is is above ios 8.0 and up this game is ranked at number 8 on the list of the most popular adventure games on the Apple app store and it comes with loads of amazing features as well.

System Requirements for Free Fire for iOS:-

ìOS version:- 8.0 and up

Free space:- 2GB

Ram:- 2 GB

And Chip:- A8 and up.

Features of the Free Fire for iOS:-

Features of the Free Fire
  • A game with no payment issues:- If you never wanna pay for in app purchases that is your choice in this game as you can enjoy all of the game features that the players enjoy that give them an edge in the game and this game has unlock able features that you can unlock by winning games and thus you will never have to pay even a single penny to play Free Fire for iOS.
  • A game with a simple user interface:- This game is quite simple and very very easy to understand as the user interface suggests the game can be easily understood by even a 13 year old.
  • An optimized game with great graphics:- This game runs very well on Iphones and ipads as the game is optimized quite well and the graphics of this game are really amazing.
  • Dedicated and stable servers:- The servers are well dedicated and stable as the players would never face any lag or jitters issue from the server side as the game is well optimized.
  • Clear and hearty voice effects:- The game has fascinating voice effects and voice overs along with HD sound quality as you can very steeply hear all the necessary sound and directions in this game.
  • Simple UX and UI:- The user interface as well as the user experience while playing this game is amazing as it is solely build around giving the users a great experience.
  • Great context of Survival:- The game shows you about survival and teaches you the aspects of surviving in a no survival zone.
  • Meet new people and make new friends:- You can add new people in your friend list and make a lot of new amazing friends of any gender and enjoy playing this game to a great extent.
  • Great weapons and equipment:- There are many guns which have recoils that are amazing and also many items to heal, armor and other stuff which are essential on the course of the survival road in the Free Fire for iOS.
  • Realistic Features:- The features of this game are quite realistic to the real life survival of wars.
  • Vehicles to run in the game:-There are multiple vehicles that you can drive across terrains and enjoy driving in this game as well.
  • And a lot lot much more:- And that is just an insight as there are lots of other amazing features as well about the Free Fire for iOS which will for sure keep you mesmerized.

Steps to Download the Free Fire for iOS:-

Download the Free Fire for iOS

To download the Free Fire for iOS in your Iphone or Ipad follow the following steps below:-

  • Make sure you are connected to your Apple Id.
  • Now open the App store on your Apple devices and look for the search panel,.
  • Now as you find the search bar, type in Free fire Garena and submit the command.
  • Now a list of games will appear and the topmost one is the official game of Garena which will be about in the range of top 10 games of Adventure.
  • Select to install this game, (it is free to play thus you do not have to purchase it).
  • As the game is downloaded and installed, you can run and play it 🙂
  • So that is how you install and run the free fire on your Ios devices for Free of cost.

User as well as additional information on the free fire ios version:-

User rating of the app on app store:-4.1 out of 5 stars
Content rating of the app12 + rated
Seller of the appGarena International Limited
Size of the game1.3 Gigabyte
languages available in13+
Copyright of the game© Garena International

Free Fire Tips:- The Tips and tricks are quite necessary to have a gameplay like a professional player and today we will hover you around some of the basic and advanced tips and tricks that you can utilize in your game and improve your game significantly and match against the professionals and also to boost your rank up to a higher extent.

Free Fire Tips
Free Fire Tips

Some of the Best Free Fire Tips And Tricks to play like a Pro:-

There are various Free Fire Tips and tricks that one can follow to improve their gameplay to a vast extent and to list some of the finest ones, here are a number of tips and tricks that you can use in games and trust us it will surely boost your gameplay to a vast extent:-

1. Become A Better Sniper By practicing:-

We all know that shooting can easily be practiced but Practicing sniping is not easy as you barely find the gun, and if you do find one we suggest you to practice your quick zooming skills and also trying to improve your reflexes and you shall practice for 30 minutes everyday if you want to become as good as a Pro player and this is the only way to do so as Sniping is quite vital as your enemy won’t even recognize where they got killed from.

And also with sniping you can learn about various hiding spots and thus you can know where to hide, or predict where enemies might be hiding in order to become better at the game.

2. Look for Enemies around the Shrink Zone:-

This is a vital tip that mostly people stay around the safe zone till the time for the Shrink zone avails and you might recognize that many people are just running to survive during this time and same way you can go towards the Shrink zone before the timer starts and then when the timer and buzzer hits off you can just stay there and wait for the enemies and you surely would find a kill or two without any hassle at all.

As Most people are just running to survive at this point and you know they are coming and they can’t do anything about it nor they can hide in this case.

3. Practice as a Squad or play Custom Matches Everyday:-

A Better Sniper

As a play practicing with friends and people you know is quite essential as this will improve your communication and talking skills and thus you will grow a lot as a player and become much wiser at decision making and in our eyes playing matches a party of 4 and also trying various custom matches is the best way to do it because Custom matches allow users to gauge the depth of their gameplay and see how they can improve as soon as possible.

4. Revive your teammate and heal them at the same time:-

In free fire being quick and efficient is the key to becoming a good player and as a player one must surely keep in mind that while reviving a teammate or a squad mate you can also heal them at the very particular time and this way it will literally save you up to 7 to 8 seconds and you and your squad can easily use it to your advantage and this tip will surely make you improve to a very higher significant number.

5. Free Fire Tips while Swimming:-

Free Fire Tips while Swimming

many people do not know that while swimming one can easily change their weapons and if you switch your weapon you can easily swim faster and more quicker and you can use this at your advantage as being in water you are more vulnerable to enemies and thus while swimming you can use this trick to a great extent to improve your gameplay and be better at the game with our list of Free Fire Tips to become a Pro.

6. Crouching to Dodge Bullets:-

At number 6th in our list of Free Fire Tips comes Crouching to dodge bullets and this tip is quite vital to dodge the Shotgun bullets as it is quite obvious that people tend to hit on the head or chest with Shotgun and it has a high reload time and a short magazine and thus while crouching it is most certain that enemy will miss their shot on you and you will survive and then while they are reloading you can kill them back by hitting them with your gun.


In our eyes Free Fire Tips and tricks are quite vital to become a better player and thus one must follow these tips quite distinctively and practice these things on a daily basis and keep them in their mind to become a better player and thus one day even be compared or better than most pro players around the world.

Nox Player for Windows 10:- Noxplayer is the best optimized Android app player that you must engrave on your PC, as it is filled with loads of amazing features and it allows the users to play the games from the Android playstore to your PC for Free, And the sole criteria of this app’s creation is to bring the ultimate joy of Android gaming on PC.

What Actually is the use of Nox Player for Windows 10?

Nox Player for Windows 10

NoxPlayer is simply incredible, and while using PC we are limited to a number of applications and also games, and for having other apps and games we might have to pay for them if we own a PC, for instance if you even want to use the Word of your PC you will have to buy the office 365 Package but where as you can use it for free on your Android, and thus using similar apps of androids could help you save money and also enjoy those free apps.

Likewise many Games for PC are quite expensive such as Pub-G for PC, the PC version of pub-g costs around 1000 Indian Rupees to buy, but whereas on the other hand the mobile version is completely free because there is a vast audience to earn money from in app purchases and thus the game comes to you for free and there are many other games as well like Pub-G which come for Free with the help of Nox Player for Windows 10, which you can run on PC and enjoy them.

Why do we need Android Games on PC with Nox Player for Windows 10?

Android Games on PC with Nox Player

PC gaming with Nox Player for Windows 10 allows you to play Android games on PC, and the reason why one shall play Android games on PC is because :-

Firstly, These games are mostly free to play that means that there is no commitment at all and thus you can play these games for Free without worrying to pay for anything.

And Secondly, The Android games are more fun to play on PC because the screen size of PC is quite larger and more immersive in comparison to android devices that means that you can enjoy the games that are usually played on a 4 inch screen on a much larger 16 or more inch screen.

And Thirdly, better graphics because PC’s mostly have much greater Ram storage and good processors that means the game will render much better in the PC and run more smoothly and efficiently.

System Requirements to Download the Nox Player for Windows 10:-

  • Operating system needed:- Windows 7 or newer, Windows 10 is better.
  • Processors to run on:- Intel I3 or latest.
  • Memory (RAM):- 4 GB minimum, And 8 GB preferably.
  • Storage space available:- 2.5 GB minimum space.
  • Internet connection:- Most likely broadband, but if WiFi then a stable one.

Features of the Nox Player for Windows 10:-

Features of the Nox Player
  • Android 7 Support that plays all the latest games with great Fps.
  • Stable and Amazing performance with great processing softwares.
  • Gives a great experience to the players of the game.
  • An app that comes to you for Free.
  • An Ambient user interface that is solely based around user experience.
  • Have your own custom keyboard as well as mouse controls while playing mobile games.
  • A macro recorder that will help you record the game and replay it.
  • And a lot much much more.

Steps to Download the Nox Player for Windows 10:-

To download the Nox Player for Windows PC follow these steps below:-

  • To start off, open a Browser most likely either Mozilla Firefox or Google chrome or even the internet explorer works fine.
  • And now Open the search bar and either type in noxplayer and check for its official website or just simply go to and press the enter button.
Download the Nox Player
  • Now as you proceed on the web page, you can download the app for your Windows 10 and check for the version that is comfortable for you and then download it, There is also a mac version available in case if you are a mac user.
  • Now download the app and let it install, it will take some time.
  • After it is installed run it and install it on your device.
  • After the Emulator is installed you can open it and run it.
  • It will ask for some necessary permissions so grant access to them.
  • And now just follow up on some basic requests and your app will run just fine.
  • Note- To download and run Android games from the playstore, You will be needing a google account so make sure you have one.

Basic and Additional Information:-

  • Size of the nox player app:- around 350 MB.
  • App developer of Noxplayer:- BigNox
  • License of the app:- Freeware
  • Available Languages for the Noxplayer:- 9
  • It is powered by android 7 for newer games.
  • And it supports multiple instances to run multiple games at the same time.

MEmu download for windows 10:- If you are looking for the most astonishing performance built App player PC emulator then MEmuplayer is the best choice that you can go for, as this player is filled with performance boost and it stands way above its fellow competitors and if you do or do not have the finest computer, this emulator will boost up your app playing and gaming experience to a very vast extent so quickly go ahead and get MEmu download for windows 10

Comparison MEmuplayer with its fellow competitors:-

MEmu download for windows 10

Geekbench scores of fellow apps along with MEmuplayer:-

  • MEmuplayer:- 15696
  • NoxPlayer:-12060
  • Bluestacks:-10653

That is a 1.3 times higher multi score in average to other competing apps thus MEmu is the best option that one shall go for.

Most games that are played on MEmuplayer :-

  • Pub-G mobile.
  • Garena Free fire.
  • Gacha Life.
  • Brawl Stars.
  • Bit Life simulator.
  • Dragon Raja.
  • Brain out.
  • Seven deadly sins.
  • Mobile legends.
  • Call of duty and others.

Benefits of Getting MEmu download for windows 10 :-

MEmu download for windows 10

With the help of MEmuplayer you will be able to run the Android apps on your PC and enjoy amazing Gaming, and the advantages includes enjoying Android apps on a bigger screen, Having more depth and impressiveness in playing games as you will be able to focus better and play better on a larger screen scale and enjoy ultimate cores of the MEmuplay app where you can enjoy high speed performance while playing games and a lot much more.

And the biggest factor that makes MEmu download for windows 10 very sustainable is that this app is a Free to download and use app that means that there is no scale for a payment commitment that means that every one can download and use it that has a PC.

System Requirements needed For MEmu download for windows 10:-

Processor in Bits64 bit
DirectX version11
System memory space2GB free space
Ram8 GB
Operating SystemWindows 10

Features of the MEmu download for windows 10:-

Features of the MEmu download
  • Better than its fellow competitors:- the MEmu download for windows 10 is the best option as this app is quite better than other apps that you find on the market such as Noxplayer or even bluestacks as this app has slightly better optimized drivers that let the app run more smoothly and a 1.3 times more efficiently.
  • A smart controlling app:- In this app you can set your own controls and work around them, as you can customize them for every specific game in a specific way and that too at any span of time.
  • A free to use Emulator:- There is no pay needed to own this emulator as such an amazing software comes to you for free of cost.
  • Play multi instances:- You can play multiple screens that means you can run multiple apps at the same time with the help of this one app.
  • Great graphics for games:- This app has stunning drivers that let you play your games very well and you can enjoy them to their full extent.
  • Ambient user interface:- The app is quite vibrant and the user interface is very friendly and easy to understand.
  • Simple and easy to use:- The app does not require much training to know as it is simple and easy to use and at the same time this app just uses the android interface which is known by almost everyone.
  • And a lot much more:- And a bunch of other amazing features about it as well.

The Steps to Attain the MEmu download for windows 10:-

  • Open your Web browser and you must have a stable and decent internet connection while downloading this app.
  • Now open and open the website of MEmuplayer.
  • Now you will find A download button on the mid right corner with the version mentioned on it.
  • You can also watch a video that shows you about the specifications and about the MEmuplayer app and what it can do.
MEmu download
  • Now click on the download button and let the app to download.
  • Once the app is downloaded you will be needing a google mail account in order to use the google play store.
  • Yes you heard it right, There is a google playstore where you will be able to download the games from.
  • After the app is downloaded you will be asked to access some permissions so make sure you grant them.
  • Once that is done the app will open and you will see the android layout.
  • Now enjoy the app and download your favorite games.

FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions On MEmuplayer:-

Q1. Is MEmuplayer safe to use?

Ans- Yes, MEmuplayer is a 100 percent safe and trusted application and it is widely used by over 100 million active users.

Q2. Is MEmuplayer Free of cost?

Ans- Yes. there is no cost to download and utilize the amazing features of the MEmuplayer as it is all free.

Bluestacks for windows 10:- The Amazing Bluestacks is a PC emulator that is run by an american technology company which is a cloud based platform producer one and this application helps the users to run android applications on their windows operating devices as well as Macintosh operating devices. It is a Free to use Android player that is easily available on its official website the from where one can download it.

Why do we really need an Android App player such as Bluestacks for windows 10?

Bluestacks for windows 10

Lately Android devices have become very handy and cheap and thus the number of android devices in the market are vast, and therefore there are numerous opportunities for companies to represent applications on Mobile phones rather than doing so on PC.

And there are multiple options and free apps that one can get on an Android device that one may not be able to get on their PC because it is very clear since the past decade the number of apps that have increased on the google playstore have skyrocketed and thus it is very simple that Bluestacks for windows 10 provides a better scope for those people who want various avenues and free applications that they can run on their PC

What about Gaming on Bluestacks for windows 10?

Bluestacks for windows 10

Gaming is one of the key features of the Bluestacks for windows 10 as it is clerically made for the sole purpose of gaming as normally while playing a game on your Phone it will run on the configuration that your phone supports but whereas if you run a game via Bluestacks emulator not only are you going to enjoy gaming on a bigger and better screen, but with amazing graphics that your PC supports along with all the custom controls that you can assign to your keyboard and mouse and not just that, here you can even change fps at a high rate

What is FPS?

Fps also stands for frames per second that means the frames that are rendered on the screen per very second and usually a normal smartphone would give you anywhere around 20 to 25 frames and where as while you use the bloody amazing Bluestacks for windows 10 you will easily get near around 60-70 fps and if your monitor supports more the number can rise significantly higher.

And gaming with Bluestacks will surely give you loads of fun as gaming will be more clear and better than ever.

Basic Recommended System Requirements for Bluestacks for windows 10:-

To download the bluestacks emulator on your PC, you must have these basic system requirements to do so and these are :-

  • Operating system needed:- Windows 10.
  • Processor preferred:- Intel i5 or similar AMD ryzen
  • RAM Storage:- 4 GB
  • HDD type:- 5 Gb minimum free space.
  • And directX:- 10 or latest.

Features of the Bluestacks for windows 10:-

Bluestacks for windows 10
  • Vast number of games to play from.
  • Set your own precise controls to play the games.
  • A dedicated shooting mode that will increase your precision.
  • Dedicated MOBA (Multiplayer online Battle Arena) mode.
  • Play more than one game at a single time with your PC.
  • Record a Replay or take a screenshot of the gameplay or game.
  • Optimize the Max PC potential.
  • Get Great Fps while playing games on Bluestacks and much more.

Steps to Download The Bluestacks for windows 10:-

  • To download bluestacks firstly open your Browser, Preferably Google Chrome.
  • Now on the search bar, Type in and press enter.
  • Now you will be redirected to the official site of bluestacks and here you can choose the Version that suits your PC requirements and download that version.
Bluestacks for windows 10
  • Wait for the app to download, which will happen according to the speed of your internet,
  • Once the app is downloaded it will ask for some basic permissions so allow those and then open the emulator.
  • Now you will see an android home screen like layout where you will find google playstore.
  • That is the portal you can go to install games.
  • That is about it, Now enjoy all the favorite Android apps as well as game on the Bluestacks App Player.

Some Additional Information on Bluestacks for windows 10:-

Year and Location the app was founded:-2011 (San Francisco, California, United States)
CEO of the appRosen Sharma
Headquarters locationCampbell, United States
Name of foundersRosen Sharma, Suman Saraf, and Jay Vaishnav.
Operating systems (platforms)Windows And Macintosh operating systems.

FaQ’s Facts and questions on Bluestacks:-

Q1. Is the Bluestacks app player completely Free of cost?

Ans- Yes the Bluestacks player is an amazing application that is free of cost and you never have to pay even a single penny to use it.

Q2. What is the size of Bluestacks app (for windows as well as for Apple Macintosh operating systems)?

Ans- The size of Bluestacks app player is 442 MB for both Windows as well as Macintosh operating system devices.