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Bluestacks for windows 10 (PC) Download the Amazing Emulator for Free!

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Bluestacks for windows 10:- The Amazing Bluestacks is a PC emulator that is run by an american technology company which is a cloud based platform producer one and this application helps the users to run android applications on their windows operating devices as well as Macintosh operating devices. It is a Free to use Android player that is easily available on its official website the Bluestacks.com from where one can download it.

Why do we really need an Android App player such as Bluestacks for windows 10?

Bluestacks for windows 10

Lately Android devices have become very handy and cheap and thus the number of android devices in the market are vast, and therefore there are numerous opportunities for companies to represent applications on Mobile phones rather than doing so on PC.

And there are multiple options and free apps that one can get on an Android device that one may not be able to get on their PC because it is very clear since the past decade the number of apps that have increased on the google playstore have skyrocketed and thus it is very simple that Bluestacks for windows 10 provides a better scope for those people who want various avenues and free applications that they can run on their PC

What about Gaming on Bluestacks for windows 10?

Bluestacks for windows 10

Gaming is one of the key features of the Bluestacks for windows 10 as it is clerically made for the sole purpose of gaming as normally while playing a game on your Phone it will run on the configuration that your phone supports but whereas if you run a game via Bluestacks emulator not only are you going to enjoy gaming on a bigger and better screen, but with amazing graphics that your PC supports along with all the custom controls that you can assign to your keyboard and mouse and not just that, here you can even change fps at a high rate

What is FPS?

Fps also stands for frames per second that means the frames that are rendered on the screen per very second and usually a normal smartphone would give you anywhere around 20 to 25 frames and where as while you use the bloody amazing Bluestacks for windows 10 you will easily get near around 60-70 fps and if your monitor supports more the number can rise significantly higher.

And gaming with Bluestacks will surely give you loads of fun as gaming will be more clear and better than ever.

Basic Recommended System Requirements for Bluestacks for windows 10:-

To download the bluestacks emulator on your PC, you must have these basic system requirements to do so and these are :-

  • Operating system needed:- Windows 10.
  • Processor preferred:- Intel i5 or similar AMD ryzen
  • RAM Storage:- 4 GB
  • HDD type:- 5 Gb minimum free space.
  • And directX:- 10 or latest.

Features of the Bluestacks for windows 10:-

Bluestacks for windows 10
  • Vast number of games to play from.
  • Set your own precise controls to play the games.
  • A dedicated shooting mode that will increase your precision.
  • Dedicated MOBA (Multiplayer online Battle Arena) mode.
  • Play more than one game at a single time with your PC.
  • Record a Replay or take a screenshot of the gameplay or game.
  • Optimize the Max PC potential.
  • Get Great Fps while playing games on Bluestacks and much more.

Steps to Download The Bluestacks for windows 10:-

  • To download bluestacks firstly open your Browser, Preferably Google Chrome.
  • Now on the search bar, Type in Bluestacks.com and press enter.
  • Now you will be redirected to the official site of bluestacks and here you can choose the Version that suits your PC requirements and download that version.
Bluestacks for windows 10
  • Wait for the app to download, which will happen according to the speed of your internet,
  • Once the app is downloaded it will ask for some basic permissions so allow those and then open the emulator.
  • Now you will see an android home screen like layout where you will find google playstore.
  • That is the portal you can go to install games.
  • That is about it, Now enjoy all the favorite Android apps as well as game on the Bluestacks App Player.

Some Additional Information on Bluestacks for windows 10:-

Year and Location the app was founded:-2011 (San Francisco, California, United States)
CEO of the appRosen Sharma
Headquarters locationCampbell, United States
Name of foundersRosen Sharma, Suman Saraf, and Jay Vaishnav.
Operating systems (platforms)Windows And Macintosh operating systems.

FaQ’s Facts and questions on Bluestacks:-

Q1. Is the Bluestacks app player completely Free of cost?

Ans- Yes the Bluestacks player is an amazing application that is free of cost and you never have to pay even a single penny to use it.

Q2. What is the size of Bluestacks app (for windows as well as for Apple Macintosh operating systems)?

Ans- The size of Bluestacks app player is 442 MB for both Windows as well as Macintosh operating system devices.


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