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The Best Garena Free Fire Tips and Tricks play like a Pro :-

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Free Fire Tips:- The Tips and tricks are quite necessary to have a gameplay like a professional player and today we will hover you around some of the basic and advanced tips and tricks that you can utilize in your game and improve your game significantly and match against the professionals and also to boost your rank up to a higher extent.

Free Fire Tips
Free Fire Tips

Some of the Best Free Fire Tips And Tricks to play like a Pro:-

There are various Free Fire Tips and tricks that one can follow to improve their gameplay to a vast extent and to list some of the finest ones, here are a number of tips and tricks that you can use in games and trust us it will surely boost your gameplay to a vast extent:-

1. Become A Better Sniper By practicing:-

We all know that shooting can easily be practiced but Practicing sniping is not easy as you barely find the gun, and if you do find one we suggest you to practice your quick zooming skills and also trying to improve your reflexes and you shall practice for 30 minutes everyday if you want to become as good as a Pro player and this is the only way to do so as Sniping is quite vital as your enemy won’t even recognize where they got killed from.

And also with sniping you can learn about various hiding spots and thus you can know where to hide, or predict where enemies might be hiding in order to become better at the game.

2. Look for Enemies around the Shrink Zone:-

This is a vital tip that mostly people stay around the safe zone till the time for the Shrink zone avails and you might recognize that many people are just running to survive during this time and same way you can go towards the Shrink zone before the timer starts and then when the timer and buzzer hits off you can just stay there and wait for the enemies and you surely would find a kill or two without any hassle at all.

As Most people are just running to survive at this point and you know they are coming and they can’t do anything about it nor they can hide in this case.

3. Practice as a Squad or play Custom Matches Everyday:-

A Better Sniper

As a play practicing with friends and people you know is quite essential as this will improve your communication and talking skills and thus you will grow a lot as a player and become much wiser at decision making and in our eyes playing matches a party of 4 and also trying various custom matches is the best way to do it because Custom matches allow users to gauge the depth of their gameplay and see how they can improve as soon as possible.

4. Revive your teammate and heal them at the same time:-

In free fire being quick and efficient is the key to becoming a good player and as a player one must surely keep in mind that while reviving a teammate or a squad mate you can also heal them at the very particular time and this way it will literally save you up to 7 to 8 seconds and you and your squad can easily use it to your advantage and this tip will surely make you improve to a very higher significant number.

5. Free Fire Tips while Swimming:-

Free Fire Tips while Swimming

many people do not know that while swimming one can easily change their weapons and if you switch your weapon you can easily swim faster and more quicker and you can use this at your advantage as being in water you are more vulnerable to enemies and thus while swimming you can use this trick to a great extent to improve your gameplay and be better at the game with our list of Free Fire Tips to become a Pro.

6. Crouching to Dodge Bullets:-

At number 6th in our list of Free Fire Tips comes Crouching to dodge bullets and this tip is quite vital to dodge the Shotgun bullets as it is quite obvious that people tend to hit on the head or chest with Shotgun and it has a high reload time and a short magazine and thus while crouching it is most certain that enemy will miss their shot on you and you will survive and then while they are reloading you can kill them back by hitting them with your gun.


In our eyes Free Fire Tips and tricks are quite vital to become a better player and thus one must follow these tips quite distinctively and practice these things on a daily basis and keep them in their mind to become a better player and thus one day even be compared or better than most pro players around the world.


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