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Kinemaster for PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7 Download and Install it for free.

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Kinemaster for PC, Windows 10:- Video editors for PC are quite complex and tough to use and it is quite hard to get a hold of their user interface but what if we tell you that you can use the best Video editor of android devices on your PC for Free, Then Yes! you’ve come to the right place as today we will be learning about Kinemaster which is the finest Video editing tool/app that is there on the google playstore and also how one can install it and run it on their Windows 10 PC.

Kinemaster for PC

What basically is Kinemaster for PC (Windows 10)?

Kinemaster basically is a fine tuned video editing application that is available on the google playstore, it comes to the users Free of cost and its ambient user interface allows users to edit high quality Videos up to 4K Resolution for Free and also with the help of Some emulators we will learn how to download and install it on our PC.

Why do we actually need Kinemaster for PC?

Kinemaster for PC is basically needed quite essentially because most PC Video editing apps are either Paid or the ones which are free to use are quite complex and hard to understand and where as the Kinemaster for PC is quite easy to use and has a very user friendly interface and thus it makes for the perfect Video editing app and with the release of Emulators such as Bluestacks and MEmuplayer we can easily run this amazing video editing app on our PC (windows 10) for Free of cost.

Now lets take a look on its Features:-

Features of the Kinemaster for PC:-

Features of the Kinemaster
Features of the Kinemaster
  • Edit videos of your style and even edit them up to 4K video resolution.
  • Share your videos via various social sites with your friends and family.
  • Blend your videos and add various beautiful effects to them.
  • Change and apply various different colors to your videos.
  • Add different filters so that your Video stands out.
  • Add a voice-over or background music to your video.
  • Check in for various amazing stickers.
  • There is an amazing Asset store where you can find all of these.
  • You can also crop, trim or slice your video according to your preferencecs.
  • A free to use Easy and simple application with bunch loads of features.
  • A simple user friendly interface that is highly favored by users all across the globe.

Steps to Download the Kinemaster for PC (windows 10):-

Downloading Kinemaster for PC Via Bluestacks Emulator:-

  • So start off, open your Web Browser of your choice, Most likely either Google Chrome or even Mozilla Firefox.
  • Now on the Search bar type for Bluestacks.com and hit the enter button gently.
  • Now download the latest version of Bluestacks for your Windows 10 PC and let it download.
  • After download is complete Run the app and install it on your PC.
  • Once that is done you will be able to use Bluestacks,
  • Now open the home page of Bluestacks and then open the google playstore (on the top hand right side of the page) in the android emulator.
  • Now sign in to your Google account by logging in with your credentials (this is required to use the playstore).
Download the Kinemaster for PC
Kinemaster for PC
  • Once that is done open the playstore search bar and type for Kinemaster.
  • The first app that is shown on the Search is the official app so click on install button for that.
  • Once you click it the Kinemaster will get installed.
  • That’s it now run the app, upload files from your PC and enjoy the amazing Kinemaster on your PC for Free of cost.

Downloading the Kinemaster for PC Via MEmuplayer Emulator:-

  • For the second method we will download the MEmuplayer, for that again open the browser (Google chrome most likely).
  • Now search for memuplay.com and press the enter button
  • Now download the updated version of MEmuplayer on your device ( it is free of cost).
  • Let it install it is about 400 mb in space.
  • Once the app is downloaded and installed you may open it.
  • Now you will see an android phone like interface and now look for the google playstore on it.
  • Open the google playstore via logging in to your Google mail account.
  • Once that is done search for Kinemaster on the search panel
  • Now install the official Kinemaster app and let it install.
  • Run the Kinemaster app and enjoy all of its benefits for Free.


Kinemaster is a dope Video editing app that is an editor’s choice video editing app on the Playstore which excitingly is free to use and comes with loads of amazing features and a lot much more and this app is available to your Windows 10 PC for Free as well, with the help of fellow PC emulators that are available in the market and this app surely comes out strong when it comes to high quality editing.


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