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Minecraft for windows 10 (PC) Download the most popular Roblox Block game !

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Minecraft for windows 10:- Minecraft is an Epic game that is also known as a sandbox video game Which is developed by the very popular Mojang Studios. And the game was Created in the Java script language and was released during the year of 2009 and then it was officially released on November 2011, This game is fun to play and its Genres include Sandbox, Adventure, Open world and Survival game which makes it a must have game because surely this game is quite fun to play.

Minecraft for windows 10

The game is available on The Google playstore for about 480 Indian rupees and where as on the official website for PC this game is available for 3000 rupees that means that the mobile version is way cheaper and much more easier to buy in comparison to any other version.

Why get the Android version of Minecraft for windows 10?

There are multiple reasons for getting the mobile versions of Minecraft on your Windows 10 PC because mainly it is very cheap as literally it is about 7 times more expensive for the PC version than it is for the mobile version and the mobile version of this game has frequent updates and various other amazing features that sure as hell do surpass the PC version.

And How do we Get the Android version of Minecraft for windows 10?

Getting the Android version of minecraft is pretty simple on your PC as you will need to have a PC emulator and follow the steps that we will tell you by the end and also have the basic system requirements necessary for this game:-

Basic System requirements for Minecraft for windows 10:-

Cpu Coreintel i3 or latest.
Ram required4 GB or more
GPu needed intel hd 4000 or latest
Open GL4.4 minimum
Operating Systemwindows 10
Free space10 Gb minimum Free space

Features of the amazing Minecraft for windows 10:-

Features of the Minecraft
Features of the amazing Minecraft
  • A multiplayer game:- This game is a multiplayer game that means that you can also play it with your various friends and all of you guys can enjoy its features and the open world.
  • An open world to enjoy your game:- This game has a open world that is unlimited world where you can go through the map, build the necessary things for survival and then enjoy your life as you get immersed in the experience of this open world.
  • Survive yourself to be the best:- There are various fiends, skeletons and other enemies that might come to distract you especially at night thus you have to survive yourself as the last person standing and also built a house and hut to sleep in.
  • Dedicated servers:- The game has amazing dedicated servers for people so that one can enjoy multiplayer gaming without any jitters or loss.
  • Inexpensive:- The game for Android version that we will be downloading on PC is quite cheap and it just costs around 7 US dollars or around 480 Indian rupees to download.
  • A very amazing user interface:- The game has a quite ambient user interface which is easy to understand and simple for children as well as adults to get used to.
  • Cheeky and cute graphics:- this game has graphics that look similar to Roblox game and thus they are cute and pixel-ated and thus they look quite cute.
  • Easy to play game:- this game is easy to understand for children as well as older people to understand and play.
  • And a lot lot much more:- And that is just the insight of the features of Minecraft and there are lot of other features as well that you can know about once you install the Minecraft for windows 10.

Steps to Download the Minecraft for windows 10:-

Downloading Minecraft for windows 10 via Bluestacks emulator:-

  • For downloading the bluestacks via a PC emulator such as bluestacks, firstly go to the official website of bluestacks and download the bluestacks app.
  • And now as you download the bluestacks app, from Bluestacks.com
  • Run the app and open the google playstore on it.
Download the Minecraft for windows 10
Download the Minecraft
  • Now you will be asked to log in from your google mail account so do so.
  • And now on the Playstore search bar, type in for Minecraft and press the enter button.
  • Now you will be redirected to a list of minecraft and related games.
  • The top one is the official one so purchase it via your card or google play wallet and then download it.
  • And after the game is installed you will be able to play it and enjoy its open world.

Downloading Minecraft for windows 10 Via Noxplayer:-

  • Download the Noxplayer app by going to bignox.com
  • After that run the emulator.
  • Now open the google playstore.
  • Sign in from your google account.
  • Type in minecraft on the playstore.
  • Purchase the app from the playstore by either google play wallet or your card.
  • After purchase you can install and play the game.
  • And that is it after the game is installed, you can enjoy the features of Minecraft.

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