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Nox Player for Windows 10 (PC) Download/Install Emulator for Free !

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Nox Player for Windows 10:- Noxplayer is the best optimized Android app player that you must engrave on your PC, as it is filled with loads of amazing features and it allows the users to play the games from the Android playstore to your PC for Free, And the sole criteria of this app’s creation is to bring the ultimate joy of Android gaming on PC.

What Actually is the use of Nox Player for Windows 10?

Nox Player for Windows 10

NoxPlayer is simply incredible, and while using PC we are limited to a number of applications and also games, and for having other apps and games we might have to pay for them if we own a PC, for instance if you even want to use the Word of your PC you will have to buy the office 365 Package but where as you can use it for free on your Android, and thus using similar apps of androids could help you save money and also enjoy those free apps.

Likewise many Games for PC are quite expensive such as Pub-G for PC, the PC version of pub-g costs around 1000 Indian Rupees to buy, but whereas on the other hand the mobile version is completely free because there is a vast audience to earn money from in app purchases and thus the game comes to you for free and there are many other games as well like Pub-G which come for Free with the help of Nox Player for Windows 10, which you can run on PC and enjoy them.

Why do we need Android Games on PC with Nox Player for Windows 10?

Android Games on PC with Nox Player

PC gaming with Nox Player for Windows 10 allows you to play Android games on PC, and the reason why one shall play Android games on PC is because :-

Firstly, These games are mostly free to play that means that there is no commitment at all and thus you can play these games for Free without worrying to pay for anything.

And Secondly, The Android games are more fun to play on PC because the screen size of PC is quite larger and more immersive in comparison to android devices that means that you can enjoy the games that are usually played on a 4 inch screen on a much larger 16 or more inch screen.

And Thirdly, better graphics because PC’s mostly have much greater Ram storage and good processors that means the game will render much better in the PC and run more smoothly and efficiently.

System Requirements to Download the Nox Player for Windows 10:-

  • Operating system needed:- Windows 7 or newer, Windows 10 is better.
  • Processors to run on:- Intel I3 or latest.
  • Memory (RAM):- 4 GB minimum, And 8 GB preferably.
  • Storage space available:- 2.5 GB minimum space.
  • Internet connection:- Most likely broadband, but if WiFi then a stable one.

Features of the Nox Player for Windows 10:-

Features of the Nox Player
  • Android 7 Support that plays all the latest games with great Fps.
  • Stable and Amazing performance with great processing softwares.
  • Gives a great experience to the players of the game.
  • An app that comes to you for Free.
  • An Ambient user interface that is solely based around user experience.
  • Have your own custom keyboard as well as mouse controls while playing mobile games.
  • A macro recorder that will help you record the game and replay it.
  • And a lot much much more.

Steps to Download the Nox Player for Windows 10:-

To download the Nox Player for Windows PC follow these steps below:-

  • To start off, open a Browser most likely either Mozilla Firefox or Google chrome or even the internet explorer works fine.
  • And now Open the search bar and either type in noxplayer and check for its official website or just simply go to bignox.com and press the enter button.
Download the Nox Player
  • Now as you proceed on the web page, you can download the app for your Windows 10 and check for the version that is comfortable for you and then download it, There is also a mac version available in case if you are a mac user.
  • Now download the app and let it install, it will take some time.
  • After it is installed run it and install it on your device.
  • After the Emulator is installed you can open it and run it.
  • It will ask for some necessary permissions so grant access to them.
  • And now just follow up on some basic requests and your app will run just fine.
  • Note- To download and run Android games from the playstore, You will be needing a google account so make sure you have one.

Basic and Additional Information:-

  • Size of the nox player app:- around 350 MB.
  • App developer of Noxplayer:- BigNox
  • License of the app:- Freeware
  • Available Languages for the Noxplayer:- 9
  • It is powered by android 7 for newer games.
  • And it supports multiple instances to run multiple games at the same time.

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