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Rules of Survival For PC (windows 10) Download the Amazing Survival game for Free !

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Rules of Survival For PC:- The Rules of Survival is an epic battle Royale game just like Pub-g and Fortnite but there is an amazing twist with this game that allows users to battle with 300 people in one map that is about 8 Sq km big, and this game is quite amazing to be honest as there multiple terrains and modes to play, you can play in a normal 120 player mode or the 300 mode and you can enter in as a solo player, duo party or even a squad of 4 people or a party stack of 5 people.

Rules of Survival For PC
Rules of Survival

Why shall one play the Rules of Survival For PC?

The game of Rules of Survival is easily available on android and there are various reasons that make it certain that one shall be playing the Rules of Survival for PC and they are:-

  • Bigger Screen on PC:- While playing on a mobile phone you won’t be able to get the depth analysis of the game where as while playing it on PC in a bigger screen most likely more than 15 inches a person can easily notify small things and thus the game itself feels more appealing and the gameplay also improves.
  • Better Processor on PC:- PC’s are mostly stronger than Mobile phones and that means that the game would run more smoothly and without any lag on PC.
  • Easily run on an optimized Emulator:- While using the emulators and running this game on PC you will be able to attain High frames per second (As high as your PC supports) with a minimum of being 60 frames per second.
  • Great sound effects on Big PC speakers:- While using speakers you can connect to speakers and have great audio control of your game.
  • Add customized controls according to your wish:- You can edit your controls as per your choice with custom keyboard and mouse controls.
  • Connect with friends on Discord:- You can connect with your friends on discord and then enjoy communication while playing squad games.
  • Multi task while playing the game:- You can multi task while playing this game as you can open browsers, another games and use multi tasking to a high extent.

Features of the Rules of Survival For PC:-

Features of the Rules of Survival
Features of the Rules of Survival
  • 300 player mode and 8X8 KM Sq maps to play.
  • Normal 120 players map of 4X4 Sq Km.
  • Play as a Solo, duo or squad or even party of 5.
  • Drive various vehicles across the game and map.
  • Be the last man standing to win.
  • Enjoy dedicated servers for lag free gaming.
  • Frequent updates to attain new patches.
  • Ambient and simple user interface.
  • A free to play Battle Royale.
  • And a lot more.

System requirements to download the Rules of Survival For PC:-

download the Rules of Survival
  • Operating system needed:- Windows 7 or newer.
  • processor required:- intel i3 or newer.
  • Memory:- 4 GB or more.
  • Graphics card:- intel HD 4600 or latest.
  • DirectX version:- 9.0 or latest.
  • Storage required:- 2GB or more.

Steps to Download the Rules of Survival For PC:-

Downloading Rules of Survival For PC via Bluestacks emulator:-

  • Open your browser and search for bluestacks emulator or just go to Bluestacks.com
  • Download the version of bluestacks that is compatible with your device. either Windows or Mac.
  • Then download the app and let it install on your PC.
  • Waiver basic information and permissions to the app.
Downloading Rules of Survival For PC
Download the Rules of Survival
  • As you open the app you will see an android like user interface
  • Now open the app and run the google playstore from the top right corner.
  • Now sign-in with your google account to run the Google playstore.
  • As you log in open the search bar and type for Rules of survival.
  • Download this game and let it install.
  • As per the internet speed, the installation might take some time.
  • After the game is installed you can run it and enjoy all of its amazing features for Free.

Downloading Rules of Survival For PC via MEmuplayer Emulator:-

  • Open your browser, be it google chrome, Mozilla or even internet explorer
  • Go to memuplay.com and install the MEmuplayer emulator that is reliable with your PC, prefer the latest and updated version.
  • install the emulator and run it.
  • Now Sign in via your Google account to access the google playstore of the MEmuplayer.
  • Now after logging in to your google account open the playstore and search for rules of survival.
  • The first result is the official app so install it.
  • Let it install and run it.
  • that is it, now you can enjoy playing the best battle royale for Free and enjoy the game on your PC 🙂


Rules of Survival For PC is a great choice if you are looking for a Free to play battle royale game on your PC as this game has loads of amazing Features and has a 300 player feature for more action and more fun in live multiplayer map where 300 people battle in a 8 sq km map.


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